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Maxwell Hammer

You can drill holes in plastic. Those rimless glasses like Sarah Palin wears have holes in them. You could make pince-nez today.

This is probably the stupidest comment I have ever felt compelled to make.

Old pince-nez guy

You wrote: In one particularly poigniant post we learn that; "Rimless pince-nez require a hole drilled in the lens for mounting. A federal law went into effect in 1974 which requires safety glass for eyewear. Safety glass cannot be drilled. Thus, glass lenses cannot be fitted to a rimless mounting." which means , in a nutshell, there can be no newly minted pince nez.

This gives a false impression since virtually all modern lenses are some sort of plastic which can be drilled, rimless pince-nez can be fitted with modern lenses like polycarb, high index etc. A properly fitted pince-nez is very comfortable and secure.

Finding opticians who will take the time and effort is difficult especially the big chains like "Lenscrappers" etc. They want you in and out in 10 minutes and charge 350 bucks for frames which cost $3.98 to make yet have the same quality as 10 buck drug store "readers"..

Alan B.

Thanks for the kind words! Pince-nez eyewear is a hell of a lot more complicated than it looks as for daily wear. There are many factors to consider, many obvious and some not. Nevertheless, it is a unique look. Thx again for the mention.

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